I wanted to dislike this movie. I was kind of looking forward to it sucking.

I fondly remember the TMNT cartoon back in the 90s. I even remember the first 2 TMNT movies, although I didn't particularly like either one of them.

But, I gotta say, the new TMNT is pretty darn entertaining.

The turtles are, for the most part, CGI. Shredder is mostly CGI too. But, dang it, it works. The fighting and action are fun and visceral and just damn cool to watch.

Megan Fox plays reporter April O'Neil. I've heard much criticism about her in this role, but I think she does a fine job.

Will Arnett plays a (mostly) straight guy. He's serviceable. Whoopi Goldberg is even right for her role. Although she has gotten quite heavy.

Shredder is pretty badass. Lots of metal, lots of sharp blades coming out his yin yang. Splinter is the one off-note here, I think. He just looks weird. Then again, he is a talking rat, sooooo..

The turtles are pretty faithful to their characters. Michelangelo is the jokester. Donatello is the brains. Raphael is temperamental and hard-headed.

I appreciated the lack of explosions and destruction. This is definitely not Godzilla or a dopey superhero movie. The Foot Clan has a lot of guns, but mostly the turtles are just karate-chopping their asses off.

Is it a DARKER take on TMNT? Sort of. But it does have lighthearted moments, and overall, it's a pretty fun flick to view. Enjoy!