1. The Morning Stream - These are 2 guys who do a daily show. Right away, a daily show in podcasting is a winner. So many podcasts are once a week, give or take. The 2 hosts, Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott, are funny, friendly, and have an easy manner. In fact, The Morning Stream is part of the Frogpants Network (run by Scott Johnson) and has a ton of fun podcasts on all things geek culture.

2. TWiT (This Week in Tech) - This is a podcasting network run by technology pundit Leo Laporte. Laporte has been doing tech news for decades. His relaxed, light, conversational style is indicative of his true broadcasting talent. TWiT has a plethora of podcasts to choose from. Some of my faves include This Week in Google, RedditUP, Windows Weekly, Marketing Mavericks and Tech News Today. The only complaint I have is that most of these podcasts are far too long- some around 2 hours. That's just too long these days. But they often have a beautiful, meandering style to them.

3. No Agenda Show - This is a twice weekly podcast starring former MTV VJ Adam Curry and technology writer John C Dvorak. I really enjoy this show and the repoire b/w the 2 hosts. Curry is well-versed and well-researched on many hot, topical issues, and Dvorak's life experiences and knowledge are true gems. Again, this podcast is too long. Each one is around 3 hours, so I don't listen to each entire episode. But it can be quite entertaining.

4. The Adam Carolla Show - What can you say? Carolla is a brilliant comedian. Love his observations and style. Very often, my favorite part of the podcast is him ranting while Allison Rosen and Bald Bryan pitch in and participate. It's a great show.

5. Daily Tech News Show - This is a podcast of the hot daily technology headlines with longtime pundit Tom Merritt. It's not the most compelling show on the planet, but to get the most relevant tech news in a sort-of-easily explained manner, it's great. 

6. Vic's Basement - Victor Lucas is the ultra-geek. Video games, movies, comics- he's into it all- and with enthusiasm and passion. His weekly podcast is him sort of recapping the week's headlines but also just him and his co-host (Marissa Roberto) BS-ing and ruminating on the techno geek lifestyle. I find it fun and entertaining.

7. The Nosh Show - This is a unique podcast. It's basically 4 dudes, who all run websites on their own that focus on junk foods and snacks, talking about the latest junk food curations. They ruminate on the latest chips, sodas, burgers, and sweets. It's a joy to listen to and even though I don't eat that crap anymore, I like hearing about it for some reason.

8. We Have Concerns - This is a relatively new podcast. There's a new episode 3 times a week. It features 2 dudes who have been around the block in terms of new media. They focus on a wacky story or 2 from the internet, and just riff. It's a pleasure to listen to. And it's short. Each episode is about 20 minutes long. Kudos to short podcasts!

9. Pop Culture Happy Hour - This is an NPR podcast. It's once a week, and they focus on 2 or 3 topics. The talk can be a bit cerebral, but it's also nice to hear smart people go on and on about dopey superhero movies.

10. The 404 - This is a CNET podcast. The host (Jeff Bakalar) is a quite likable chap and reminds me of some of my friends growing up. Sometimes they focus a bit too much on the latest smartphone or wacky new startup, but it's a solid listen.

11. The Andrew Zarian Show - This is hosted by Andrew Zarian who runs the GFQ network. GFQ has a lot of podcasts that I'm not really into, but The Andrew Zarian Show is Zarian hosting a both random yet fairly formulaic, general interest talk show. It can be sometimes be quite compelling, but it also can be tedious. Overall, though, I find myself listening to it every time a new episode is posted. His "Free For All" podcast can also be a great listen.

12. It's A Thing - This is another show hosted by Tom Merritt and old-time co-hort (and current NY Times reporter) Molly Wood. This is an awesomely simple, SHORT podcast. They take 2 or 3 "things" (like how mason jars are a thing, for instance), and sort of deconstruct them. It's devilishly fun to listen to. They do 12 episodes per "season", and right now they're on hiatus. But I can't wait for some new episodes!