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(Yahoo!) - There is apparently one person who hasn't seen Miley Cyrus's wild VMA performance with Robin Thicke … the "Blurred Lines" singer himself.

"I spent my whole career playing it safe, being a gentleman, never doing anything controversial," Thicke, 36, tells Vanity Fair. "I didn’t see [the performance] because I was onstage singing my ass off."

Well, Miley, 20, was certainly twerking hers off, a move Thicke was sort of warned about.

"They told me [beforehand] that Miley’s going to take her clothes off and dance around and she might bend over … I just said, I don’t care, let’s entertain the people," Thicke reveals. "Let’s give them something they’re not ready for, let’s make them talk."

Well, it worked! Five and a half weeks later, people are still discussing the raunchy performance. (Though we can't help but wonder if Robin would have drawn the line at being molested by a foam finger.)

Fortunately, the singer's wife, Paula Patton, wasn't upset about the MTV fiasco. These things come with the territory when you're married to an R&B star.

"There is nothing normal about a musician’s lifestyle; I don’t have a nine-to-five job at the post office. Seventy-five percent of my songs are about how much I love my wife and how much I need her," Thicke explains when discussing whether his mainstream success has affected his personal life.

"We’ve been married for eight years, and together since we were 16," he adds. "We’re very lucky to have the greatest friendship; we’re John and Yoko — whatever that is — that’s who she is to me. I’ve always put her before everything and will continue to. But, yeah, be careful what you wish for."

Wise words, Mr. Thicke.

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