On Tuesday during the show, our board op Tim got the above text from an unknown number. He asked us what he should do; should he do the right thing and respond that they got the wrong number, or not respond at all, or should he mess with them - because that is really what we all want to do, right?

Cory convinced him to mess with them, and to simply respond with this:

It seemed like something Trish would text. Tim got the reply a little later in the day.

Ha, awesome! It's interesting that they had to emphasize that they weren't drunk or high... as would normally be the case? They also taught us a new term for having drank or smoked; having it "on board." And who writes the person's name they're texting? Someone who is usually drunk or high, of course!

Tim kindly texted back after this that he wasn't actually Trish, and to find out what was going on they should listen to the last ten minutes of the podcast of Cory and Joel (this is from Tuesday) on Talk910.com... No response as of yet.

We talked about it at the end of Wednesday's show as well.

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