Steve Fox as Godzilla

It is exciting to be in the presence of someone who is fulfilling a dream. A person who has taken a passion, gathered experts and put it all out there. Although UrbanPutt promises to be something different and unique, Steve Fox and his team do not promise that everything is set in stone. As a matter of fact, he admits that there will be changes even after the April opening of his San Francisco inspired UrbanPutt paradise.

I cannot give you all of the details of what you will see and do, as that could ruin the surprise. I can give you this taste, and let you know the team behind UrbanPutt is committed to fun, frivolity, and serious Putt Putt (if there is such a thing).

So grab a club

Wiggle that back side

Go ahead

Wiggle it

And get ready to shoot for a win


designs for the course

The Place – In the Mission District, South Van Ness at 22nd

Opening in April

The Team

CEO and Chief Greens Keeper, Steve Fox

Imaginator, Christopher Myers

Audio Archeologist, Andrew Roth

Architect, Matt Hollis

The All Important;

Chef, Dane Boryta

Cocktail Program, Scott Baird and Josh Harris of The Bon Vivants

Urban Putt will be open seven days a week, offering dinner every night, plus weekend brunch. Snacks, beverages, and appetizers will be available at the bar whenever UrbanPutt is open. Mini-golf will be available throughout operating hours.


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