For Mr. Burns; a few kind words from some of his friends

I have asked some of the many friends of Gene to join me and tell stories about this great man.  Many people loved him, and he affected many lives. We are just a small number.  Please join me in showing my respect for my mentor and friend Mr Gene Burns. - he will be missed.  

June 1ston AM910

A Special Thank you to

Robert Moon – my partner, Gene’s great friend and member of the Praetorian Guard. We spent many hours around the table, and more than a few in hospitals. You supported him and never expected anything in return.

a few of the many

Sabrina Glazbrook, Lina and Sam Broydo, Brianne Jones Pamela Halse, Jennifer Jones Lee,  Josh Glassell, Elise Bigelow, Chris Bigelow, Anita John, Lisa Stockley, Dan and Lisa Weiss, Samara and Bill Diapoulos, Lorenzo Petroni, Terry Adams, John Daily, Nicolle Grigg, Pam Moore, Ken Barry, Ronn Owens, John Bristow, Joanie Greggains, Jack Swanson, John Rothman, Pat Thursdon and others who showed up.

Jone Longavateau

The Team at Clear Channel / 910am

Gene’s Doctors and the staff at Age Song

Len Tillem

Rob Goldstein and Cindy Ho

His family in Orlando who love him; Roberta, Dennis, Margaret, Thomas, David plus MarySue and Farris

Guests to honor Gene with stories on June 1st

Margrit Mondavi, Vice President of Cultural Affairs of the Robert Mondavi Winery

Bernard Lambert, Great Friend and Hotelier, Boston Days and Europe

Mark Jaffe long time friend from Orlando

Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier Executive Chefs and Owners of Arrows Restaurant, Maine

Lidia Bastianich Felidia, Restaurants, Books, TV the NYC Era

David Fink, Great Friend to Gene / Cohort in crime, President of Mirabel Hotel and Restaurant Group  * DRC

Joel Peterson, long time friend of Gene from Ravenswood Winery  * Gene had a Ravenswood Zin Vine in his backyard

James Gabbert – Jet Trips and Generosity – Former Colleague and travel buddy

Lorenzo Petroni Long time Friend of Gene, Owner of the North Beach Restaurant San Francisco & Petroni Vineyards in Sonoma

Suzette Gresham-Tognetti , our friend

and me -