What happens when four media dudes show up to Yelp headquarters? We get Tweeted!


 * inside Yelp *


This week come colleagues and I were invited inside the Yelp headquarters to chat with community managers from across the globe.  A fascinating time *not what we had to say, that was all blah blah blah, - but chatting with individuals from France, from Italy, from Canada and right here in the SF Bay Area; learning about each region and the cool quirks, networks and style.


Many of us Yelp, more of us check out the Yelp reviews before we dash off to a new place, or an unfamiliar neighborhood. 

Why not check out Yelp when off to Paris, Rome, or Toronto?




 Liam Mayclem, Joel Riddell, Brock Keeling and Steve Jones at Yelp