Alembic Bar 1725 Haight St. SF.



Next time a group of young "sales people" harasses you to buy those boxes of deliciousness – don’t fret – the Alembic has you covered

Grab a box or two and head on over to the bar

They will mix you up something spectacular; and you can pat yourself on the back for doing a good deed.


Alembic just launched their Girl Scout Cookie/Cocktail parings today.


They are all $13.

They didn't name the cocktail- it just has the name of the cookie listed above the ingredients- almost as if the cocktail were named what the cookie is named. Each cocktail is served with two corresponding cookies. 


(so you need not stop at the folding table on the way).


Alembic Bar, 1725 Haight Street, SF CA




Elijah Craig 12yr, Vanilla Rhubarb Shrub, Becherovka, Lemon



Tyrconnell, Honey, Allspice Dram, Swedish Herb Bitters


Peanut Butter Patty

Campeon Blanco, Orgeat, Creme de Cacao, Lemon, Orange, Aztec Chocolate Bitters



Santa Theresa 1796, Becharovka, Cocchi Americano Rouge


Thin Mint

Chartreuse, Carpano Antica, Pear Cardamom Shrub, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Cardamom Bitters, Pine St. Milk Stout