If only I could see Third Eye Blind!



I was rooting around the Food, Wine and Travel world and found this very interesting contest! Check it out - if you win, I'll invite you on Dining Around to tell us about it!

- If I win / you will hear ALL about it / #Trust!

* This is not a Clear Channel Media + Entertainment contest but a contest for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, all rules for the contest will be located on the www.IfOnly.com website.



Enter to Win!

Perform Live with Third Eye Blind

Enter to win the incredible opportunity to perform live with Third Eye Blind on May 5th at a private show in San Francisco at the Fillmore! *** 2 DAYS LEFT *** 


In this extraordinary experience for music fans, you will join the band on stage when they play a private concert at the legendary Fillmore Theater. Share the microphone with singer Stephan Jenkins and live out the scenario every pop rock fan dreams of. If you're not a singer, or you give this as a gift, we will work out another way for you to participate with the band on stage!


You and five friends will also receive VIP tickets to the show, where you'll have the opportunity to meet the band backstage. Finally, you'll take home a guitar and a special event poster, both of them signed by Stephan himself. 


Buy as many $10 entries as you'd like to increase your chances and support the SF General Hospital Foundation. But hurry - this sweepstakes closes on Thursday, May 1st! As a thank-you gift, the Foundation will invite donors purchasing 20 entries or more to the show


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www.IfOnly.com         www.SFGHF.net