Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger with Joel Riddell at the Broadcast Site


Cooking for Solutions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is on the way!

May 16th-18th in Monterey California!

Join me as we broadcast Dining Around live on Saturday May 17th from 10am-1pm



Each year, we are pleased that one of our stops along the dining path is "Cooking For Solutions" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium



This year they have created a stellar line up on super cool chefs, personalities, and experts to present, party and play with us!



The aquarium is open all weekend long with special experiences and experts to meet; there are seminars and chef events, plus a GREAT party on Friday night!


But – buy your tickets now!





Art Smith, flanked by Robert Moon and Joel Riddell  


Chefs Include;

Richard Blais

Art Smith

Carla Hall

Charles Phan

Yigit Pura

And many more







 Dining Around with Joel Riddell will broadcast live from the Monterey Bay Aquarium from 10am-1pm on Saturday May 17th !


 Jellies by Joel Riddell