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Gil Gross

Gil Gross broadcasts weekday afternoons from 10am to 2pm live from San Francisco!

A journalist for more than three decades, Gil became the youngest anchorman in ABC News history at age 23. He went on to win a string of investigative and journalism awards for international reporting covering major events of our time from 9/11 to the War in Iraq. Before coming to San Francisco, Gil was senior correspondent for ABC News Radio. He has also won the Edward R. Murrow award for writing which included his coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He has worked at iconic New York radio stations such as WABC, WCBS, WOR, and hosted his own national program for a number of years on CBS Radio, as well as WLS in Chicago.

Gil lives with his wife, actress-singer Rhoda Bodzin, and their son, Spencer Darrow Gross, one cat and an ever-growing collection of over ten thousand LPs and CDs.


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