Making fun of Hipsters is fun, easy and relatively harmless; for one, there's no clear definition of a Hipster, and second, no one really calls themselves a Hipster (it wouldn't be very Hipster of them).

Apparently, a new trend has emerged in Brooklyn - a well-known hub of Hipster activity - amongst the fashionable young professionals: beard transplants. A doctor there, who offers this procedure for some reason, says they're doing up to three a week. They were only doing a few a year 10 years ago. The procedure is like any hair transplant where they'll take hair from your head and put it on your face... I bet you look awesome during the transition healing time there, Patches.

We definitely have a large Hipster movement in the Bay Area, with new bicycle/sausage/German-beer joints popping up daily, so I'd imagine this is coming to a Hipster near you.

I guess having a good beard is a defining characteristic of being fashionable? Whatever. Hey, people can spend their money however they want, but even as a facial hair challenged individual, I don't understand the need. But maybe I just don't run in social circles where I'd be pressured into it.

It reminds me of when I was in high school, and for some reason a lot of my friends started growing their hair down to their shoulders. They said I should do it too. I said I think it looks stupid as I flipped my bangs out of my eyes.

- Cory

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

*The photos is of the president of a beard competition in Germany; if rode there on a Fixie he'd be King of the Hipsters.