Niners' cornerback Chris Culliver was arrested last Friday. Here's what allegedly happened:

Chris Culliver struck a bicyclist with his car, that he was driving, and then fled. Someone saw this happen and followed Chris in their own car until eventually cornering Chris. Chris then gets out of his car, and threatens the eyewitness with brass knuckles, because he had brass knuckles with him, you see. He then gets back into his car and flees, hitting the eyewitness' car as he does. Cops find him, arrest him without incident and find the brass knuckles in the car.

Brass knuckles? Really? Who the hell has brass knuckles in their car? Was he going to a rumble in the 1940's? There's a solid chance that if they searched his house they'd see a Samurai sword mounted on the wall and find a drawer with throwing stars and nunchucks very neatly organized inside. And when a cop would say, "Is that a Samurai sword?" he'd correct them, "It's a Katana! Be careful with that. Geez..."

Where does one even get brass knuckles, besides that creepy booth with all the knives at indoor swap meets. And this means there are companies that actually make them; things that are illegal to have out in public. One of Chris Culliver's charges is Felony Possession of Brass Knuckles. It's a felony. And yet he risked going to jail to have them in the car with him. He really must have just thought they were super cool.

This makes you wonder what that eyewitness looked like; that a 6-foot 200 lb. professional football player felt he needed to brandish his brass knuckles to try to scare the eyewitness off; dude must have been huge.

Oh yeah, the bicyclist is going to be fine.

And Mr. Culliver, if you read this, I was just kidding... I think brass knuckles are super cool too.

- Cory