I took this picture of the smoke coming off the fire in China Basin from a ferry on the Bay; people were obviously enthralled with it, taking pictures on their smart phones while simultaneously asking people next to them who are also taking pictures on their smart phones, "Hey, do we know what's going on?"

We have more ability to get up-to-the-second news than in the history of man, and people don't think to find out what's going on before taking a picture of it. Luckily, it was a construction site. No one died. But look at what these people were seeing... It looks catastrophic, like a bomb took out a city block. And yet, people weren't going to their news apps, or even checking what people are saying about it on Twitter before posting a picture of it on Twitter.

Did you hear about the high school stage that collapsed in Southern California during some performance last weekend; I was watching the coverage and they were showing teenagers being wheeled out on gurneys, and one young lady in a neck brace was checking her god damn phone. "Sure, I'm like a little paralyzed, but I took like the most epic selfie... like ever."

- Cory