As Giants fans were telling me a month ago, the season is over for their team. It seemed a little premature, but they were right. As San Francisco was down seven runs to nuthin' in the ninth inning last Monday night, a pop-fly carried passed the foul line right on top of what the TV announcer calls a "Ball Babe." No, it's not sexist, it's sports, get over it, have some fun for once.

At this point in their season, and losing so badly in this game, why not let her try to catch it. Give whatever fans decided to stay on a Monday night at least something to leave smiling about. And if she misses it, it's still a just a foul ball. But no, ol' glory-hog Arias had to swoop in and take away her moment.

- Cory

Yes, I am a Dodgers fan. But I was born and raised in in LA, so it's okay, or so I've been told more than a couple times by drunken Giants fans initially very confused and angered by my allegiance.