California's Governor, Jerry Brown, is old running for another term. And he'll probably win according to the one news story I read about it; he doesn't have much competition, and he's got a boat-load of money. I mean he literally has a boat that he put all his campaign money in*, because he's old quirky.

He knows he's got it locked down too, and must have been feeling pretty cocky about it to go on the record, as a Democrat in California, against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The stones on this guy, am I right? Next week he'll probably go on TV to talk about how unions have overstayed their welcome.

He is correct about the advertising of pot being a thing now. The below video is being referred (or should I say "reeferred?" No, no I shouldn't) to as the first commercial for marijuana. After watching it, you'll probably be reminded of those stoners at your high school who were really into amateur film making.

"Dude, you know what we should do... instead of weed... it's like... fish."

- Cory

*Governor Jerry Brown having put all his campaign money on a boat is unconfirmed, but it seems like it would be true.