There's been a lot of attention and coverage of some girl selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. And she's getting the credit for the idea. If your 13 year old comes to you and says, "Hey, instead of annoying people outside of Safeway with our over-priced, not great cookies this year, we should go out front of places where people get weed, because it makes me-I-mean people hungry... I hear," you may want to have a discussion about how they know that, instead of just agreeing and hopping in your VW Bus.

Instead of giving this girl credit (I've even heard people say she's going to be a CEO because of her business sense), one should assume it was a parent's idea. It probably started as a joke, or, more likely, her mom is probably in her mid-30s to early-40's and remembers the Friends' episode where Ross had to sell Girl Scout cookies for a little girl who's leg he broke and went to a college's dorm to sell them to all the Stoners, who started calling him "Cookie Dude." You see, he felt really bad because she was poor and this was her only chance to go to Space Camp. And no, I'm not proud of knowing so much Friends trivia.

By the way, forget about Thin Mints, prices keep going up and the cookie count keeps going down; get Keebler Grasshoppers: they're just as good, and you get more for less. Sorry, Girl Scout, you want to act like you have good business sense, that's called being beaten by your competition.

- Cory