*We should've checked with dude in the window seat; he's pretty sure Leland Yee is up to no good.

California Senator Leland Yee has been in the news of late for being arrested for being a corrupt, gun-running piece of crap... allegedly. Is there any chance he's innocent? I can't imagine the FBI made it all up. I doubt they would've arrested one of the most powerful politicians in California unless they were pretty damn sure.

The newest development is that the California Senate has suspended Yee; he is not welcome in the State Capitol. But he still gets paid? So, because he may be the most corrupt, criminal politician in recent history, he is punished by being paid not to work. The rest of us call that a vacation.

I get it, don't let him make any decisions that would affect Californians while under investigation for being the biggest scumbag in the state. But we're paying him. I don't want him sitting around. Put him to work. Make him sweep the damn halls at the Capitol. That's a punishment. No offense to janitors, it's a fine way to make a paycheck. But how awesome would it be for Yee to be in full coveralls mopping the floors while his colleagues walk by. Although, if they made him do this, there would probably be a huge increase in the amount of feces that didn't make it into the toilet. Better, yet, as long as he's the one who has to clean it up.

- Cory

Photo Credit: Getty Images