Tech-ie-ism [tek-ee-iz-uh m]
1. a belief that the inherent cultural differences of those who work in the technological sector are a detriment to current social norms.
2. hatred or intolerance of people who work in the technological sector.

You've read the stories about people blocking the buses that take people to work - even vomiting on the buses - because they're pissed off about their housing prices going up and blame the techies, wanting them to go back to Silicon Valley. There was the story about the person who got attacked for wearing those weird Google Glass things - a bar has since banned people wearing them. And now, people are going to individuals' houses...

Caution: "Adult" Language

Blocking buses; refusing service; warning neighbors about a type of person moving into "their" neighborhoods; warning that these people will change the property value; that they should stay in their own neighborhoods; it all sounds kind of familiar.

It's hatred. We are watching hatred grow, and I'm worried because growing, perpetuated hatred only leads to one thing: violence. They brought people outside of Kevin Rose's house and told them that this is the person to blame for their problems, for the destruction of the society they're used to. Which is just a made up belief based on what they want San Francisco to be, or think it should be. They went to the man's house with metaphorical pitchforks and torches. Why? Because he helps Google decide what up-and-coming, hardworking entrepreneurs they think should be given an opportunity to succeed. That bastard..?

I've been in San Francisco/Bay Area long enough to know the concept of The City means a hundred different things to a hundred different people. And that is what's great about San Francisco; you're allowed to be whatever you are and live without fear among whatever everyone else is - at least that's what The City means to me.

Apparently, the well-known tolerance of the people of the Bay Area doesn't extend to the young, rich techies who while I have found in general to be somewhat rude and exclusive of others just want to live in San Francisco, or Oakland, or wherever. They most likely would whether there were special buses or not, and I'm sure they'd like to pay less rent too. They get the blame, though, and no one really seems to care. Do others in the area shrug it off because these techies are rich and can act like jerks, and so should be allowed to be harassed and vilified?

When I was a kid I was super jealous of a boy in my neighborhood whose parents could afford to buy him the U.S.S. Flagg, the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier. It was amazing; the greatest toy any boy in the 80's could have. But I couldn't have it. So, I got together with some other kids in the neighborhood, who also wanted that toy but couldn't have it, and we just played Hide and Seek or whatever. Because we weren't a bunch of whiny little bitches...

- Cory