Solange Knowles is Beyonce's younger sister. She was at a function in New York a week or so ago with Beyonce and Jay Z. They all got into an elevator together and Solange started yelling at Jay Z - who's Beyonce's husband, if you didn't know - and then started hitting him and... well, you can watch it yourself.

A couple of takeaways:

Solange needs to learn some fighting techniques; she has the fire a good fighter needs, but instead of flailing around, if she would've just squared up, she could have landed at least two right crosses.

Jay Z needs a better bodyguard; dude can't hold onto this chick who, depending on how tall she is, can't weigh more then 130 lbs.

Beyonce doesn't seem concerned, or even surprised, this is taking place. So, either she knows her sister is crazy and does this stuff all the time or she thinks Jay Z deserves it. Or, when looking judgingly at the pictures of her leaving the elevator after the altercation, is on some kind of happy pills.

- Cory

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