If you've never been on a Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART, train you may not know that they are kind of disgusting; as will happen on mass transit vehicles with cloth seats. Apparently, BART is going to have new easier to clean and keep clean trains in the next few years.

But, of course, nothing can happen in the Bay Area (or probably anywhere where there are humans) without people getting outraged over something. The seats of the new trains will be green and blue. Oh may god!!! What kind of treachery is this!!? Why don't they just throw feces all over San Francisco while they're at it...

A San Francsico 49ers fan has started a online petition to get the color the seats changed because green and blue is the colors of the Seattle Seahawks. Someone even commented on the petition that they wouldn't ride in the train because they "hate the Seahawks." They hate some team that happens to play the team that happens to be near where they live so much they won't go inside a train that has the colors of that first team. That is some pretty solid hate. The only other type of group of people I'm aware of that associates themselves with a certain color and hates other people who belong to a group that associates themselves with another color is a gang.

It's frickin' sports, man; get over it. Sure, rivalries can be great and add to the excitement, but gang-like activity is dangerous.

Look, I obviously don't know the reasoning behind the colors, but I can't imagine it was an intentional slap in the face to 49ers fans. Knowing the Bay Area it was probably more of a new-age, hippie thing: the color red (a 49ers color) is associated with emotions of intensity and anger, which is not what you want to evoke on public transit, while blue and green are supposed to evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness.

Oh yeah, by the way, San Francisco sports fans, the current color of BART seats are blue, the color of the San Francisco Giants' loathed rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

- Cory

Photo Credit: Getty Images