I took the above picture on March 30, 2013. It's Critical Mass, where cyclists roll around San Francisco on the last Friday of the month running red lights, as they're doing here. And, by running red lights, they are riding through crosswalks as pedestrians are trying to cross.

I'm posting this because as these cyclists were running this red light, with the City's support, Sutchi Hui was in a coma after being nailed in a crosswalk the day before by a cyclist - named Chris Bucchere - who was running a red light. Sutchi Hui was dead soon after. This happened just a few weeks after a cyclist - named Randolph Ang - who killed a pedestrian when he ran a red light was given a plea deal, which basically let him off with a bit of community service.

Now, news is out that Chris Bucchere pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter... which is part of a plea deal that basically lets him off with a bit of community service. It was double the community service of the other cyclist, so I guess if cyclists continue to kill pedestrians, San Francisco is going to have the cleanest streets in the country.

The San Francisco Dictrict Attorney - named George Gascon - is reported as saying this is about preventing future collisions and death... Based on what? The last time he gave a cyclist community service as a punishment for killing someone, another cyclist killed a pedestrian three weeks later.

I walk through San Francisco every day. It's part of my commute. I see cyclists running red lights every day, and almost get struck by a cyclist running a red light once a week. This decision by San Francisco makes me feel less safe, and with this Friday being Critical Mass, I'm sure the City will continue to support cyclists as they run red lights.

- Cory