If I were to ask myself what I thought were the major reasons pedestrians are unsafe in San Francisco I would answer myself with:

Automobile drivers not stopping their automobiles at red lights or stop signs

Pretty obvious; that's when/where pedestrians are crossing the street under the assumed safety provided by the laws of their city.

Bike riders not stopping their bikes at red lights or stops signs

San Francisco has cultivated a culture of absolutely indifference towards pedestrians among cyclists by, among other things, endorsing Critical Mass and being a city where the penalty for recklessly killing a pedestrian is picking up trash for a couple of hours.

People crossing the street when they shouldn't

A lot of pedestrians are either idiots because they don't understand when and where they should cross or just don't care.

Here is what San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener thinks is the major reason pedestrians are unsafe in San Francisco:

The streets are too wide

The only reason I can think of that would make this the case would be if he believes the City has just given up on correcting my reasons and want to make sure pedestrians have the shortest distance possible to sprint to safety.

This comes from Supervisor Wiener's response to the San Francisco Fire Department's request to widen some new streets the City is putting in so that they can get their life-saving vehicles down them; his response: get smaller vehicles. He says that should be the solution, not making the streets an "unsafe" width. So, yep, he's completely given up on the City's ability to enforce traffic laws. I just hope no one gets stuck in a building on fire above the first couple of floors.

"Oh no... There's someone trapped up there! Hey, where's your ladder truck?"

'It doesn't fit down the street, but at least you can get to the other side quickly."

"Huh... so since you can't save them, wanna get a drink."

'I'm still on duty.'

"Are you on Tinder?"


"Cool. Me too... maybe I'll uh, you know, see you later then?"

'Sure, whatever. You need to back up. We need to clear the area, this building is most likely going to burn down.'

"Hmm... I like to be told what to do."

'Please go.'

- Cory

Photo Credit: Getty Images