There was another one of those techie-bus-blockade protests the other morning. One of the protesters, to show how much better they are for the neighborhood than the techies inside the bus, vomited on the bus.

So, my options for neighbors are the quiet, bookish rich people who may pretend I don't exist and seem to not understand the concept of figuring out what you're going to order before you get to the front of the line but spend most of their time working, or the people who apparently don't have jobs to get to in the morning and think they're contributing to society by hanging out on the street vomiting on stuff on purpose. Right...

Also, what do they think they're accomplishing by blocking the buses? The're not hurting the companies. Everyone on those buses shame each other into working the entire time anyway. So, as they lie, march around in costumes, vomit in front of a bus, the people on board are still making their companies dough.

And why the buses? It's not like they brought the techies here in the first place; a bunch of buses didn't roll up and drop off hundreds of rich geeks. They moved to where they live because they wanted to live there. Whether the companies provide transportation or not, they'd probably still live there. Oh no, they're using some city bus stops? So what. Better that than double parking like every other large vehicle. Get over it.

Oh, yeah, I mentioned clowns in the title. On April 1st, there was a "April Fools' Day*" techie-bus-blockade protest and people dressed up as clowns for some reason. Stupid.

- Cory

*Apparently the protesters didn't understand the concept of April Fools' Day; you can't call something an "April Fools' Day" whatever, and then do exactly what everyone expects you to do.